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Bats, question answered!!

I get so many questions about bats. For instance, is it illegal to kill bats? That's a good one! The answer is yes and no. The bats that live inside our homes are a protected species. Commonly these bats are either the little brown bat or the big brown bat. I won't bore you with the scientific name, as most of the people reading this probably don't care. Anyways, these bats are protected like I said before. What that means, is a home owner can take care of whatever means necessary to get ride of them. Please don't burn your house down!!!! I've had a few that wanted to. So you grab that trusted tennis racket and swing away. Hopefully you don't swng too hard and splat it against a wall or tv. YUCK

What this protected species also means, is that a professional CAN NOT kill these bats. I don't know how many times I have seen these sticky traps in attics that other so called professionals installed to remove bats. For one, it's illegal!!!! Come on guys you can't be that lazy. Second, you have dead or dying bats in your attic and haven't really fixed any problem. So a professonal, like Pest Control Specialists, come in and install one way bat doors. The bats crawl out of these and BOOM.. They can't come back inside. Bats stay alive, are gone for good and problem fixed. Nothing illegal or dangerous to you and your family.

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