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Pest Control Services in Alton, Le Mars, Sioux Center & Sioux City, IA

Pest Control Specialists offer many services to meet your needs.  Just to name a few, animal and wildlife control and relocation, bat removal, ant control, asian beetles, bed bug extermination, bee and wasp, box elder bugs, carpet beetles,  crickets, cockroach extermination, earwigs, fleas, spiders, and termites.


At Pest Control Specialists, we not only offer these services close to home, we travel to meet your needs.  Because we know it is hard to find a professional company that you can trust to take care of your needs.

Commercial Control

Have a business that needs a special touch?  Look no further. We have the resources, compassion and professionalism to do it right.  

Residential Control

Finding a company that you can trust to enter into your home is hard to find.  Look no further.  We are a family owned company that knows the importance of a safe home, free of pests.  We will only use the most safe and effective means of control.

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